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All You Need To Know About Coin Master

The Coin Master is providing lots of fun. Its main reason is that no one can predict the future in the game. It happens due to the slot machine. No one knows about the future outcomes of the slot machines and all activities are depending on these outcomes. With it, the second important role is played by the in-game currency. The coins are the main currency and spend by the players for buying the buildings. The collection of currency is also depending on the machine. The upcoming paragraphs are explained on basis of it.

Complete information related to slot machine

When it comes to the slot machine then the biggest issue which faced by the players is the number of spins. All trying to get lots of spins in the game as much possible. For it, players are choosing different types of ways. Some highly addicted players are considering the way of spending real money. If you do not want to spend real-money and want numerous spins then avail services from the Coin Master Free Spins 2018. For more details about slot machine read below-mentioned points –

Shield – the shield is one of the most helping features of the game. The players are able to activate shield on the village when machine slots are showing it. For it, the players need to get the image of a shield in all slots. The main use of the shield is protecting the village attack and save a number of coins. When anyone attacks the shield activated village at that time the shield gets broken but the village cannot be affected.

Lighting – the icon of lighting is not associated with a number of coins. It is beneficial in adding some free spins in the account and enjoy the game with the slot machine easily. Whenever all slots are showing the lighting icon then the player will get some free spins. These spins are separate from the other free rewards or anything. The total number of spins those are received from these outcomes is 10.

Pig figure – when a player gets pig figure in all slots then he/she gets a chance to earn a huge amount of coins. By it, players get a chance to dig the village of other players and find the treasure which is available in the land. For it, players have three chances and four options to dig.

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